Our Strength

Reason No.1 why our clients choose Serio

Securing strong patents means that your innovative technologies are legally protected and, moreover, that you create a significant entry barrier for securing your position in the industry.

Reason No.2 why our clients choose Serio

We handle every single case seriously and respectfully, with an internal supervisory structure to produce the best possible claims. This is the quality we deliver.

  • Pursue the gist of an invention ・Our president is actively involved in an interview with inventors, and cooperates with our attorneys and experts to capture the gist of an invention at the interview.
    ・Documentation work to depict the thought process (i.e. a claim chart).
    ・Proposal of an interview with the Examiner.
  • Consideration from various viewpoints to ensure a strong patent ・Review by another attorney with reference to the claim chart.
    ・Interview with inventors for all cases.
  • Eliminate careless mistakes ・Check by a staff member other than the attorney who wrote the patent specification.
    ・Multiple checks depending on the situation.

Reason No.3 why our clients choose Serio

Our attorneys conduct patent searches, which enables us to create a robust set of claims.

  • Attorneys who draft patent specifications also take charge of patent searches. Under our liaison-based approach, attorneys draft claims before conducting a patent search.
    This process clarifies the scope and target of the search, increasing the probability of obtaining a patent eventually.
  • We bring a perspective to ensure a strong patent. Through the understanding of the prior art, the Examiner’s possible rejection and its rationale can be envisaged.
    This allows us to avoid receiving the anticipated rejection and add countermeasures in advance.
  • High-level search skills are a key to producing patent specifications well-prepared against possible rejections and invalidation claims. Patent searches require skills to articulate the reasoning to deny patentability. Equipped with such skills, our attorneys can produce patent specifications that are well-prepared against possible rejections and invalidation claims.
Client’s voice 1Person in charge of intellectual property at an electronics manufacturer

I am responsible for reviewing all draft specifications written by attorneys at our partner firms. It takes less time to check specifications provided by Serio, in comparison with those provided by the other partner firms. I think Serio is reliable.
Our patent applications are related to narrow and deep areas of technology, and few attorneys are familiar with such areas. Our long-term relationship with Serio can be attributed to their eagerness to catch up with us. Although there had been some misunderstanding of technical terms at first, they never made the same mistakes as they asked questions to us until they could fully understand the terms or the technology itself.

Client’s voice 2Person in charge of intellectual property at a machinery manufacturer

I think that Serio’s greatest feature is its strong governance structure. There is little difference in quality between the attorneys, which will be because the firm’s president gives thorough instruction and training to newcomers to Serio. This ensures a uniform quality in their services, which gives us a sense of reassurance.
Serio is the No. 1 or 2 patent attorney firm I have ever worked with. They provide a uniform quality of services and I trust them. They are able to handle difficult technologies. Also, they can bridge a gap in inventors’ logic or correctly describe the details omitted in the explanation by inventors. This is the best advantages of Serio.
Attorneys at Serio are very friendly and easy to talk with. They write credible specifications, and moreover they are sophisticated rather than solemn. They are very cheerful and pleasant.