Our Strength

1.Identify valuable inventions in your company

Most of our patent attorneys have a background in the intellectual property or R&D department in a business. Based on the deep understanding of technical development, we can identify valuable inventions that have been undiscovered or unnoticed in your company, with high communication skills and technical expertise.

Attorneys with expertise in mechanical engineering, electronics, chemistry etc. will take charge. We will communicate with inventors from the viewpoint of technical engineers to help identify inventions that would not be discovered by the inventors on their own.10 attorneys among our 12 attorney have a background in IP or R&D department in a business. Leveraging this experience, we are committed to provide strategic proposals to obtain patents with strong impact in terms of corporate IP activities.

2.Enhance competitiveness through foreign applications

Our dedicated attorneys are responsible for not only domestic applications but also foreign applications, taking care of every step in foreign patent prosecution including translation of documents, response to office actions, and registration of patents. This enables us to create foreign application documents that correctly reflect the original technical ideas, resulting in obtaining strong patent protection globally.

File application with Japanese patent office Prepare patent documents taking into account the subsequent translation and
foreign patent practices. Translation Produce an English translation of the specification, claims and drawings by in-house translators.  English translation is further translated for applications in other countries. Review Dedicated attorneys review English claims, which is one of our competencies. File application with foreign patent office

3.Create an entry barrier by strong patent protection

A strong patent will be one that can effectively prevent competition from competitors. We value face-to-face communication with inventors as a way to capture the gist of an invention and to give your intellectual property a strong competitive advantage over competitors.

Conventional attorneys who are just “writers” Application request of the IP department Interview with the inventor to understand the technology and the invention Documentation Serio’s attorneys ready to offervalue-added proposals Application request of the IP department Interview with the inventor Understand the technology and the invention Identify the position of the invention in the context of the technological trend. Confirm the business and competitive trends. Propose a robust set of claims. Documentation