Our Strength

Serio Our firm’s name Serio (seriously in Latin) reflects our philosophy.

We handle every single case seriously and respectfully
as we commit to offer the best services to our clients.

We are a strategic partner providing comprehensive support to your intellectual property activities. Experienced attorneys and experts are involved in every process in patent prosecution procedures including identifying inventions, conducting patent searches, providing proposal for potentially patentable applications, preparing and filing applications with Japanese and foreign patent offices, and providing professional advice on efficient use of your intellectual property rights. We deliver a high quality of services and ensure reliability, which would not be achieved under divisional operation or mass-production operation. Our approach has resulted in numerous clients in a variety of industrial fields.

Serio is a team of experts in intellectual property.
We offer a reliable support to you in protecting and utilizing your intellectual property.

Obtain strong patents that can create competitive advantage over competitors

We have extensive experience and knowledge in obtaining strong patent rights for your innovations. We will surely help you enjoy strong patent protection of your innovative technologies and gain competitive advantage. We offer comprehensive support to strengthen your intellectual property portfolio, from identifying valuable inventions that have been unnoticed or undiscovered in your company, through to obtaining strong patent rights.

insight Claims to ensure competitiveness Strong patent protection Identify inventions or innovative ideas that have been undiscovered or unnoticed. Express the competitive advantages over competitors and conventional technologies in specific terms. Obtain a patent right with a broad scope that does not allow competitors to follow you. Serio offers strong support helping create a robuster intellectual property portfolio.

Register trademarks of company names, products or services

Building your brand through trademark registration will be crucial in selling your products or providing services. We will support your brand and marketing strategies as we can work out a good way to secure and register your valuable trademarks. We will also help you utilize the registered trademarks, provide assistance in preventing imitation or unauthorized use of your products globally, and thus improve and protect your brand value.

Protect your trademarks

Building and managing your company’s brand is of much more importance
in the Internet society.

Brand strategy Management strategy Marketing strategy Safeguard the company’s reputation built over time Improve the company’s image Monopolize the market while not allowing the imitation by others