About Us

We are actively engaged in global research and study activities
in order to provide optimal strategies that meet the needs of the times.

  • Research on the actual state of intellectual property rights in Asian countries

    Through the activities of the Asian research team of the Asian Issues Studies Working Group in the Licensing Executives Society Japan, we have been conducting research on the actual state of intellectual property rights such as patents, designs and trademarks in Asian countries, to provide support and information for Japanese companies entering the region. The research team has conducted on-site studies every year since 2010. The team has visited the following countries.

      • ・Vietnam in 2010
      • ・ Indonesia in 2011
      • ・Thailand in 2012
      • ・Singapore and Malaysia in 2013
      • ・Myanmar and Vietnam in 2014
      • ・Indonesia and Cambodia in 2015
  • Seminars

    As an instructor of the Japan Intellectual Property Association, we are giving seminars for those working in corporate IP departments. The seminars are designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and expertise required for those in charge of corporate IP activities.

    • ・Mr. Furube (President): Course B for beginners - Patent and utility models (since 2007)
    • ・Mr. Yoshida (Adviser): Course G1 A for technical leaders (since 2007)
         Course B for beginners (about 25 years until 2007)
    • In addition, we hold intellectual property training classes for our clients under an advisory contract and also for other companies upon request.Each class is designed for people at each level of a company, including new recruits, mid-career employees and managers. Also, we give lectures on intellectual property to college and university students.