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There has been skepticism about the technological strength and competitiveness of Japanese businesses as the number of patent applications has recently been declining in Japan. However, in my view, such decline does not indicate decline in the technological strength of Japanese business. Rather, this is the result of the fact that they have been more selective in filing patent applications to reduce unnecessary filings as they fully consider the importance and necessity of filing a patent application.

Patents have been playing a more positive and active role for businesses such as obtaining royalties or contributing to maximizing the profit, in addition to a defensive role such as thwarting competitors.

Overseas, some countries may face a sluggish economy due to factors such as China’s slowdown in the economic growth and political turmoil in Islamic countries. However, this will be temporary, and emerging markets such as those in Southeast Asia have been nevertheless attracting a lot of attention. Going forward, intellectual property will have more and more importance in such emerging markets.

Under these domestic and global circumstances, we have been working for the highest benefit of our clients through acquiring invaluable intellectual property rights and finding the best way to utilize them. Our practice goes beyond just acting as a “writer” for our clients, and we are committed to handle each case sincerely as an IP professional in order to bring true value to our clients’ intellectual property assets and to support the business growth of our clients through our excellent IP services.

We are always trying to offer something new to each client by pursuing ideal intellectual property rights and the best way to make use of them from the perspective of a business. With this aim in mind, we are committed to continuously developing ourselves as a team of IP professionals.

October 2015

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